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Where to buy a cheap PS3?


Im trying to get my little brother a PS3 system sice thats what most kids these days have and play online. Hes been wanting one and i want to give him one on Christmas but i was wondering where it would be cheaper to buy at. Are the prizes from Walmart, Best Buy, or Target any different or would the prize be the same?

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  1. in those big retail stores there always the same! Try gamestop they always have good deals for the holidays just a couple days ago they dropped it to 170 so thats what I will do.

  2. All new 160GB models start at $249.99 no matter where you buy from, Best Buy, Walmart, etc. They did have them on sale for $199.99 for Black Friday. You can pay less if you are willing to buy a used or refurbished PS3. The only problem is you never now when those systems will break down (used) or break down again (refurbished.) GameStop, Amazon.com, etc. all sell used an refurbished consoles. If you do buy a used one or a refurbished one make sure there is some sort of warranty.

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