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What is the best ps3 game?



  1. i’ll stick with the exclusives

    Adventure 3rd Person Shooter – Uncharted Series

    First Person Shooter – Killzone/Resistance Series

    Racing – Gran Turismo 5 / Motorstorm Series

    Platformer – Ratchet and Clank / Little Big Planet / Jak and Daxter / Sly Cooper Series

    Action/Stealth – Metal Gear 4

    Action Hack and Slash – God of War Series

    Action open World – Infamous Series

    Action Drama – Heavy Rain

    Art Games – Journey / Flower / Flow / Unfinished Swan

    JRPG – Ni No Kuni (there are some more)

    The rest i don’t have them yet.

    non exclusive i have

    Batman Arkham Series

    Tekken Tag Tournament 2

  2. nothing specific, there isnt just 1, it all depends on the person & what that person is also into n seeing as u didnt specify anything then i will name a few.:

    Journey Collector’s Edition

    God of War Saga + Ascension

    Heavenly Sword

    Heavy Rain

    3D Dot Game Heroes

    Valkyria Chronicles


    Siren Blood Curse

    Tales of Graces F

    Ni No Kuni

    Demon’s/Dark Souls



    ModNation Racers

    Twisted Metal




    inFAMOUS Collection

    Resistance Collection

    Killzone Collection

    Uncharted series

    like i said, all depends on what ur into, only named exclusives but there are a tun of other games but youtube those n c if any appeals to u.

  3. If you mean the best PS3 exclusive, then I think it’s Uncharted, MGS4, Infamous, or Heavy Rain.

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