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Turok: Dinosaur Hunter – Original vs. Remaster on PC Graphics Comprison


Turok: Dinosaur Hunter – Original vs. Remaster on PC Graphics Comprison


  1. In the first version, the original, they have implanted a funny tips : when a human enemy meet an "monster" enemy, they go fight together, and forgot you! Remastered keep this cool stuff?

  2. I wonder if people in the comment section were ever like this towards wolfenstein 3d? It's not 3D because I don't have my Zombie Ate My Neighbors 3D glasses on! The guy behind this has done plenty of other titles in where he makes a console game run on the pc. Much like Doom64 absolution, powerslave, and many other old school games. What is hard work done for free and the community is now finally being paid to do something he should of been being paid from the start. Also NightDive has come out with so many titles never that have been cheap compared to a 60 dollar price tag. How long do you think a company will last if they continue to sell games at prices of 10 dollars or a little more?

    To me if you are one of those people who have ever bought a game before it was ever fucking released! Like Cod or battlefield, etc. Then you have no right to bitch because you have paid over 100 dollars for a fucking game not even finished yet just because you get a fucking refrigerator magnet out of it. I'm a huge Turok fan and loved the fact that they didn't beef out the graphics. I'm very vanilla and nostalgic and once you start fucking with things that made the game what it was and what it is, then all that nostalgia no longer remains.

    I'll play doom 3 before bfg edition. NightDive has done so much and yet their "fans" or "supporters" are so willing to neglect all of it and complain. Turok has been around since teh 50's so to me with the long history of such a title deserves that 20 dollar price tag. The very first call of duty is fucking still 20 dollars on steam along with bioshock and other stupid shit!. Yet yes you had to bitch about this? A company doing shit all other companies are afraid to do.

    Think about how much money they spent in trying to obtain the rights to the No one lives forever title? You dont spend almost a year trying to purchase a title for fucking free. Turok is also a title that has more than one game in it series therefore giving night dive a game they can further work on and retain money from. There are games on every console that are old school and are expensive on their own little shop.

    Once you change the graphics everything about nostalgia fades away. Leave that shit to the community not a company. Because I also love Goldeneye Source but wish there was a way to make everything look n64-ish that I've spent days messing with files in order to help capture that nostalgic feel more.

    There are sells on steam constantly and think NightDive deserves that price tag they want from it. If you are a true turok fan you will agree. If not, well then you are not a turok fan in anyway and wear blinders like a horse incapable of seeing more than what your biased mind wants. I love 90's graphics if I had the option to play games in either Cryengine 3 or Unreal 4 and in quake 2 engine or quake 3 engine or monliths instead. I will choose that engine over the modern ones.

  3. I enjoyed not playing this on a buggy emulator, I enjoyed having free look, I enjoyed finally getting to finish this game. Well worth the moolah (maybe not 15$ tho)

  4. agree with half the comments… this really wasn't much of a remaster… I understand the time and effort it took the team to make this… but come on. it's not much of a raster if you make things brighter add some fog and can play in 1080p. they should have at least remastered the graphics lol

  5. Candyland was right to name this a remaster.
    A REMAKE is something entirely diffrent, more like a reboot.
    This was fixed for modern systems, has a much smoother 60fps as opposed to the older version being locked at 30, and on top of it yes I know it doesn't look THAT much better, but they completely rewrote the entire engine. They put ALOT of work into this.
    The reason it's 20 bucks is because of how much work and time they put into this.
    Now do I agree with 20 bucks for a remastered 1997 game?
    I really don't and I don't think anyone else on here does either.
    but Turok is one of my favorite games ever, and I gladly paid that 20$ because they did a good job fixing the problems the original had.
    Also included the music too, which you weren't able to hear unless you had it on the n64 or had the original disc in the drive, which is alone over 30 bucks.
    So I'd say they did a good job and everyone complaining should really go back to the original one and see how much they really fixed with this.

  6. so many ignorant idiots on here, this game comes from a time most of you weren't even born. this is a classic shooter that defined many games we see today and i have to say i have loved playing this even more so than many modern shooters, great job to the team that recreated this. can't wait for Turok 2 remastered

  7. This comment section is filled with ignorant morons spewing words that they dont even know how to use adequately.

  8. definitely the remastering is evident to remove the fog that appeared in N64.

    The original game looks infinitely better send eggs.

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