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Top 5 Features of PS4!


Top 5 Features of PS4!


  1. So you can connect the vita to the ps4 and go like to the beach and still be able to play that far like gta or somethinf

  2. I have a Xbox one and PS4 and i can tell you right away that the PS4 is much better. Xbox one interface is annoying and laggy.

  3. Dude, I've seen plenty such videos as yours, so I wasn't expecting much… But you impressed me… Job well done bro!

  4. i have got ps4 with ps4 old controller.i saw new one..do u know different between old vs new? do i need to change from old to new?

  5. remeber how you could play online games on the ps2? i hear for 60 bucks a year you can do that on the ps

  6. if you change your drive from 500gb to 1tb can you carry over your data from the 500gb drive to the 1gb drive

  7. is it just me, or does this man struggle with speaking, considering his only job on this is speaking? plus, listen again, I think he used "really" a thousand times. A throw this man a thesaurus

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