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Top 15 Upcoming Xbox One Games of 2017


Top 15 Upcoming Xbox One Games of 2017



  1. my birthday is coming up soon what Xbox One games I should get besides Destiny Watch Dogs – Dishonored – GTA V Star Wars Battlefront and Forza Horizon 3

  2. Battlefront 2 ? Yeah we know how the last one went. I think I'll see what content is in it before I even consider buying that one.it was such a rip off they decided to repeat it with battlefield 1.

  3. omg what is with people going nuts about exclusives??? i dont own a ps4 do i realy have to care about exclusives?? um no not realy and dont care

  4. Crisis and sea of thieves are the only good looking games. But knowing Xbox, they are going to be canceled just like every decent game that should have been released. O well time to put the xbrick into the closet and play the ps4 this year.

  5. l4d3………ill never forget it even though its been years and is probably jot gonna make a comeback
    sniff I promised myself I wouldnt cry!!

  6. Yes I have been dieing to play sea of thieves and now it's coming out on Xbox one better then I thought

  7. Everyone is trashing on these, but do you guys know how hard it is to make a game or a console? you are all just 9 year Olds mad that the game isn't in 10mil p and it docent run on 200 fps….serouisly? the games quality is the important part, not the graphics….

  8. Microsoft need to hire some new game designers and developers. Grab some guys from Japan, I bet xbox exclusives will become a lot better. Whatever happened to deep down and fable legends. I had to buy Gundam Breakers 3 for ps4 when I only have a Xbox one. Now Nioh is coming out….Gotta admit, I'm really looking forward to scale bound and I did enjoy quantum break.

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