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Top 10 Single Player Offline PS4 Games


Top 10 Single Player Offline PS4 Games

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  1. I am an offline-singleplayer-campaign-story driven gamer. I prefer it to multiplayer, games like The Division that require an internet connection to play the single player is a terrible loss of revenue for the publishers from gamers that would have otherwise bought it.

  2. I hate fallout 4 I don't get it I got it way to early lol idk is it just me who thinks it over rated

  3. I don't think the last of us is really that great.
    sure it has a decent to good script but it's a copy of children of men and it makes it so fucking predictable.

    And also most of the games aren't ps4 only but who cares.

  4. Great video(earned a sub). Thought Doom should be #2, but W3 at the #1 position is fact.

    Tried to get into Bloodborne, but got destroyed. Always heard how hard it was, but because I beat the Xbox Ninja Gaidens, I thought I'd be fine. I was wrong. Guess Beer & Bloodborne don't go together. Gaiden does though!

  5. Okay i gave you the benefit of the doubt and figured i misheard you but i clearly didnt. Just for further clarification, its 'npc' not 'ncp'. Great video keep up the good work x

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