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Top 10 Bizarre MGS 5: Phantom Pain Glitches


Top 10 Bizarre MGS 5: Phantom Pain Glitches


  1. I have played this game over 250 plus hours and I don't remember any glitches.// I unliked this video though because it was horribly unfunny.

  2. We all know Huey Emmerich made himself invisible so he can be a Peeping Tom on Quiet and the rest of our S-Ranking Harem at Mother Base. 🙂

  3. One glitch/mistake I found is when you kill an guard on a tower and you know for sure they are dead, when the body falls off the tower it makes a screaming noise even though he is dead?

  4. most funny thing in this game is 'enemy soldiers run when they are at a little distance away from you but when you equip your binoculars they start walking!

  5. i was doing one of the mission where you go to the power plant and i was with d-dog. i was trying to do it perfectly and then this stupid and funny thing happened. why in the f*cking did one of the guards gets ran down by the truck that comes and goes to every base. then both guys in the truck come out with the suspicion that i was there and kneels down on the radio saying theres an intruder in the facility. i didnt move or dog didnt move we both did nothing but blamed use for that i was just like WTF lol.

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