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The Crew Review


The spiritual successor to Test Drive Unlimited that proves bigger doesn’t always mean better.

The Crew Review

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  1. The game is okay but not really a car enthusiasts choice it's just like a game I would play as a little kid and buy a bunch of cool cars. Not as much customization as a gear head would like

  2. my rating is 9.1
    the graphics are ok and story is ok too.
    but the different kinds of cars are amazing.
    and the big world too.
    u can have so many cars, and its nice to play with friends.
    Styling of your car is very good.
    so i would give 9.0 because the gameplay makes so much fun but the graphics aren't that good. : )

  3. only 6.0!? i would give 9.0
    u can create your own car layout and there a re so many different kinds of cars, even monster trucks and dragsters.
    like if u think its better then 9.0 too

  4. I think i know why i like most games i play. It's because i expect nothing from the game, but to have fun. Might have bad graphics, might have bad controls, or even a bad engine, but as long as it's still fun, it's a good game to me.

  5. I would've never bought it if they wouldn't have made that giveaway. Especially for the forced always online mode..Sometimes i just wanted to cruise and uplay wouldn't detect my connection and would end up hating it for not letting me just roam the map

  6. The Crew is a game i honestly wish was better i absolutely adore Test Drive Unlimited 2 and still fire it up from time to time now. Just something about TDU feels more alive then The Crew but to be honest i haven't played the game much since it origially launch even though i own The Wild Run on PC i believe the game has come along way since launch maybe i ought to jump back in and try it again.

  7. lol my birthday is tomorrow ubisoft reading my mind 😀 got the crew for free thank you ubisoft! not only that ubisfot 30 bundle also gave assasin creed 3 for free!

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