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The Crew – Review


The Crew - Review

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  1. I don't completely agree with this review but the unpredictable physics and online only hurts. I miss the days of rush 2 usa on n64 old ass game but the fun factor car damage and physics were impressive still my fav 2day. blur is better than the crew

  2. Why cant i find a good open world racing game for ps4, its not that difficult, look at forza. Im al ps but I really want forza.

  3. I agree with video i got it they made it seem so good but it's kinda like in between good and bad but I still play here and there.

  4. I always thought it was a great game, but I have a much different taste then others, and I don't care about graphics.

  5. Burnout VS The Crew VS NFS HP… Who wins? I'm thinking of buying one of them, Online is a must, and Races ofc, plus Cop Chases.

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