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The Crew Gameplay (PS4 HD) [1080p]


The Crew Gameplay (PS4 HD) [1080p]

The Crew is finally here. With the massive re-creation of the United States now open for the exploring, drivers everywhere are stockpiling their new cars, customizing them and taking these beasts out for a ride.

All the roads, missions and skill challenges lead to the Faction Wars, and everyone is taking sides. The Wolves in Detroit. The Bears in Los Angeles. The Eagles in New York. Watch the Launch Trailer, and witness the thrill of facing off against rival factions in The Crew.

The Crew is available now for PlayStation 4. Visit www.thecrewgame.com for more information!

The Crew – Launch Trailer | PS4


  1. Is this game online only? And would u still recommend or are some very good racing games about to be released?

  2. this was made in real life then edited lol, no game looks this good, if it was this game would make Need For SPEED 2015 and Battlefield 1 look like kids made it

  3. bien carajo necesitamos más juegos de carreras de mundo abierto!!! como el forza horizon 3 o el need for speed 2015

  4. rip-off! can you advertise it when selling a online only game! ubi. are you doing the same with steep?

  5. have a ps4 but can't seem to find a good racing game on it that's realistic that's why I'm getting a Xbox one just to play forza yes I will keep my ps4 but racing games on 4 aren't that good

  6. Lol the RWD Mustang launched off the dirt instantaneously with no wheel spin. The alien technology in that Mustang makes the launches of a $600k WRC AWD rally car look weak.

  7. i can see why they needed to make a cgi trailer to impress people, because the game looks like a ps2 game.

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