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tell me about the xbox 360 hdmi package?



for experts and people who have gone through what i am asking:

ok so today i bouth a xbox 360 elite at best buy. i also got a audioquest forest hdmi cable to go with it. so i go home and hook the thing up and put the hdmi to the back of the tv. my other xbox was plugged into my surround sound through a digital audio out and the 5.1 worked perfecxtly for each speaker. long story made short the hdmi worsened the audio quality and the speakers performed like the surround was connected to red white audio cables. i put the digital audio out in the tv so the sound goes through the hdmi through the tv to the reciever.

the only thing the surround sound system doesn’t have is a hdmi in. i think i need to trade the hdmi cable for the xbox 360 hdmi cable accessory.

what do i need to know before i do this? am i going to get the same sound quality as if the digital audio was plugged into the 5-wire av cable as in the one included with the hdmi package?

also should i keep the higher quality hdmi cable i bought and not use the hdmi cable that is in the xbox hdmi package? is the picture quality going to be reduced if i use microsoft’s? (i know about how it is digital and either gets the signal or it doesn’t) Also, would the difference be worth the 50 bucks of not returning the first hdmi cable? i only need the audio hookup that comes in the xbox hdmi package.

come on guys, i know this is a long question and all but i dont waht to get the wrong thing for my new elite.

come on, help a bro get setup

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