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Should I get The GameStop Refurbished Xbox 360?


Ok, sp on G.S’s website, they have a refurbished Xbox 360 with power chords, AV chords, a wireless controller, and a 20GB hard drive, all for $99! Has anyone gotten one from them? Is it worth it or will I get RRoD in the first week? Plz answer. Here is the link:

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  1. No, simply because its a risk. Those xbox’s they’re selling is the model type that was known to have a high chance of getting overheated (red rings of death). Just save up the extra 120 bucks to buy the new xbox slim 4gb. It will last you longer at it comes with warranty.

  2. You should be covered for one year from purchase date once you hold on to your receipt. you are taking a risk though. I bought my xbox from gamestop. It was a pre-owned console and still works fine for me. I was bought four years ago.

  3. Actually my friend bought one of these and after the first week of using it it broke it wouldn’tt turn on and it justwasn’t’t working at all so he had to send it in to microsoft and they aren’t the nicest about repairs. I say buy a new xbox 360 slim thats what i have and no problems since christmas.

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