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Should I buy a ps3 or dsi?


I am stuck between the two, mostly cause i heard the ps4 is coming out in like a few years, and in a few years i will be living with my bf who has a ps3.so i am leaning towards the dsi.but i am not sure.

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  1. ps3

    and if you are worrying about a ps4 coming out then think about it nintendo has been coming up with a new portable console like every 3 years of so

    the ps3 would last you longer

  2. Those are like night and day! If you really want some more serious gaming, better graphics and a blu-ray player, get the PS3.if you want lousy graphics, but something portable, get the DSI

  3. PS3 because if you have a ds lite then you arent going to miss out on much with the DSI. And both of the other playstation consoles were out for 4-8 years before a new one came out and with the popularity of the PS3, it will be out for a lot longer. And just as a side fact they are taking out the gba game slot out of the DSI so you wont be able to play other older games

  4. The current three answers don’t help at all, but hopefully I can. I could talk way too much about this, but I believe the best short answer is to say it boils down to whether you want a home console, which you will have to sit down for and keep with your TV at all times, or the most ‘anywhere’ handheld to date, which you can play pretty much anywhere (consider it the same as the DS/lite in this regard). You can happily play it at home too, and there are countless games that will suck you in, no matter what ignorant people say. Doesn’t take long to internet search.

    Final point, even if you both end up with a PS3 in the same house, if his is on the main TV and perhaps you in your bedroom or something, you can perhaps still play online co-op games together, though it would require buying a game each. However, it’s just to say that it’s not a complete waste at that point.

  5. Neither. The XBox 360 is the most revolutionary and diverse gaming console in the world. GET XBOX 360

  6. PS3

    because the PS4 is not even in the works. Sony hasn’t mentioned it, so it’s not true. get the PS3.

    but, if you will be with someone who has a PS3, get the DSi if you want a portable gaming system. I still say you’re better off with the PS3 if it’s something you think you’d enjoy enough to spend the money on. the DSi is cheaper, as are the games.

  7. PS3

    The DSI has bad graphics, inferior game choice, and is more oriented for children.

    The PS3 has a much broader availability of games, including better graphical version of the same DSI games,

    however the DSI has an advantage of being portable. So you can take it anywhere.

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