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Rushdown Review: BlazBlue Central Fiction


Rushdown Review: BlazBlue Central Fiction


  1. It also seems to point out that every anime games don't include English voice dubbed which I say that is bad for people who prefers that, and it sucks how its so expensive to make it from happening. Also hate the dub vs sub conversation where I don't want any arguments if you are a sub person who only loves Japanese which I don't want any war about it. Wish anime games find ways to make it reasonable and fair instead of having one audio voiced which I don't understand why(Revelator for an example)

  2. Netcode in fighting games are always bad. No matter how the game is great. If it involves any lag that tends to ruin the experience for me especially if it has online trophies, than most likely I may not buy the game because I see it all of fighting games. Not going to buy this game just because of this, and mostly the bad is too similar for me that I don't want to waste my time on it.

  3. I love all the blazblue games and while this one is my favorite I can't say I don't have my complaints. I'm not to happy about the lack of English voice acting or unlimited characters, and the story may be slow without the fights but personally I love this game so much I am such a hug fan of blazblue that I actually went and bought a ps3 when I found out this one wasn't available for xbox.

  4. If I recall correctly, this isn't necessarily the last Blazblue game but the last following Ragna's story. There could be another

  5. So how is the scaling and A.I. in this one? I'm more of a casual player and the last BB had an insane difficulty spike in the single player play through. One a scale of 1 to 10 in difficulty, the first bunch of people were like a 1-3 on the difficulty scale. The 2nd to last was a 5. The final boss was a damn 20 with the cheapest A.I. I've ever played against!!! The difficulty spike was just crazy and practically ruined any fun the game had for me. And yes, I practiced a lot to get much better and still didn't make a difference. How would you say CF is with this regard?

  6. So basically revelator with BB qaulity, eh. Kind of sad revelator still remains the top quality game.

  7. if this is the last one then the possibility of playing as jubei will never happen. This is central fiction extend won't happen possibility but if extend does appear then we have a 5% chance of getting jubei

  8. the netcode stuff is sad and all but since im hardly good enough to win against hard bots in arcade mode i'm not going to play online anyways …. heh

  9. No dual-audio: That's a positive, not a negative. Luckily they didn't waste time and effort on the Yankeeboo-dub.

  10. I'm new to the series and literaly just bought ChronoPhantasma Extend, I thought that was the most recent game, What is this?

  11. what is the size of the gallery? same old or they went the route of kput in so much illustrations….its amazing. i think 2 of my kof artbooks are in there in full ^^
    i didnt hear about them not doing a fighting game next..this explains the no english voices:that game could be a row away bone to a crowd they know they won't comeback to…or will be frustrated enough to go to GGG
    hence my just bake theory of ThatMan being the creator of jubei or jubei himself& the whole BB world merging with GG. i wouldnt mind.

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