Home Playstation Games Rocket Knight (PS3) – Level 1-1 (score 51345) (6/13/10)

Rocket Knight (PS3) – Level 1-1 (score 51345) (6/13/10)


Rocket Knight (PS3) - Level 1-1 (score 51345) (6/13/10)


  1. This looks terrible compared to the SNES and Genesis ones.  Sparkster doesn't look badass at all 🙁  The music is also really lame.  I want heavy rock and fast gameplay.

  2. it has lower frames per second. i see why the original sega version is better. games now a days that need a 60fps are not being used and going down to 30pfs. its cool looking but i think it only serves a good purpose in some games. plus you are missing the close up of the character in a side scroller too. i seen alot of HD side scroller that suck pretty bad because of poor thought out game play. who in the hell would be attracted to shit like that??? the old generation of gamers is dieing and the new generation seems to be killing it because what they are use to seeing in this age and if we keep accepting change we will get more and more shitty products on the market that arnt worth our enjoyment.

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