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Retro Video Game Thrift Store Sale Gone Bad – #CUPodcast


Retro Video Game Thrift Store  Sale Gone Bad - #CUPodcast

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  1. reminds me of the Video game reseller Pat shows in his flea market madness series.

    goes through everyones lots and buys rare games to resell them 20 feet away 500% the amount he paid 10 min ago

  2. Sort of dickish? Maybe.
    Wrong? Not at all.
    Where there's blood in the water (money to be made), you're a fool to expect there to be no sharks.

  3. As a small game shop owner I think the tubs should be banned or just sell it all to resellers directly. Also I would have responded to the accusations with something along the lines of "we do it for our customers(who probably don't want to or can't stand in line for hours)"

  4. look, these people who snatch up all these games are creeps. if u want to do something, don't go after the charity or try to force them to change their policy. use the free market method of the consumers passing the word around about the d bags who brought the containers and screwed everyone over. tell your friends, tell the public, make signs, etc. that's how u handle this

  5. I would have just went up and grabbed stuff from their bin. And I would have told other people to do the same thing. If they would have said anything I would just make a scene and get them kicked out with me. That way the other people who just want just a few things can get a chance to get their stuff.

  6. I've seen this before in Florida, Now most places don't let you bring in buckets or anything to hold stuff. But when they still did as they checked out what they had in their bins people would walk up and grab stuff out of their bins they wanted to buy. the places allowed it , unless  you are in line to buy it , it still belongs to the place that owns it . I've seen people threaten others for stacking stuff out of their bins they are going through and say they are stealing  from them LOL but its not theirs until they buy it. Like on Black Friday if someone has four tvs in a cart you can take one and nothing they can do about , because it isn't stealing .

  7. Are goodwill employees allowed to purchase items before reaching shelves? there never seems to be any video game stuff at my local Goodwill.

  8. What country do you people live in? This is America. Free enterprise. In this country you are free to sell it at what you think the market will bear! If you think it's too much money don't buy it! No one is holding a gun to your head! 
    You make contributions to these two idiots podcast! You've got to be paying 1000 times what it's worth. I don't read any complaints about over paying for that!

  9. All the video game exchange stores suck and are over priced. I have a few friends that work for a store but i never go to them because one no real price fixes and they can literally make up or change a price in your face.

  10. business is parasitic period its absolute worst possible service at highest possible price fucking over the worker and the consumer by some nazi welfare marketing scum sucker

  11. america is run by nazis so why be surprised nazis wanna sell games too if you do it for money you are a piece of shit no matter what you do

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