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Pure Pool Review on the PS4


Clocked Gaming Network review of Pure Pool for the PS4.

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Pure Pool Review on the PS4

Pure Pool PS4 Preview


  1. Someome pls tell me why when u scratch on 8 ball the AI doesn't bring the ball back to the end and shoot forward?

  2. Just bought the game €4,99 on sale !
    Its an very good looking and playable game! Everything works nice and is adjustable/ custom.
    The music is also very relaxing, and i you are playing you forget the time 🙂 its on 50% sale now !!
    Best PSN game so far!!!

  3. I like it a lot, I'm very amateur though but soothing fun so far, add me deniz zia on there, over 18 please ty

  4. People saying this is the best pool game ever clearly never played pool so unrealistic and world championship snooker 2009 is alot better !!

  5. Good video. Hey guys check out some of the gameplay on my channel including a couple of decent table clearances, then drop me an add for a game!

  6. i have pure pool for ps4 and hustle kings for ps3 now that hustle kings is coming to ps4 people feel cheated i dont know why pure pool is a sim pool game its one of the realest i have ever played the game makes you feel like your really at a pool table and the true to life physics are amazing and true to the game you need to know were to hit the ball and theres no cheating in the game with the views to make every shot you can miss in this game and miss alot if you dont know the game of pool there are helpful lines in this game but for up close shots that are some what easy to make  lol and in time this game could make you a better real to life pool player because of the physics not knocking hustle kings its a great game but it falls short of pure pool

  7. What I did notice in the background you can hear british voice recordings of people having a real conversation. I could hear sh*t and f**k in background. I find it funny that the developers where capturing the modern day bar/pub scene. By the way I'll give it a 9.5/10. Great job.

  8. This game is from the makers of Hustle King. By the Ripstone Ltd, have your developer add more locations in the game. The game is the perfect for relaxation after for a hard day. A real beer and some virtual pool goes great together.

  9. Is this launching on xbox one as well. I have a ps4 but would rather this on xbox to play with mates. Looks decent

  10. The graphics looks even better in the final product. Look at something more recent and you'll see. Best pool game ever made so far.

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