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PS4 vs PS3 Console (Side by Side Review of Playstation 4 System) by Whiteboy7thst


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Whiteboy7thst is a Call of Duty Multiplayer Gameplay commentator, my specialty is COD! I l love Call of duty

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PS4 vs PS3 Console (Side by Side Review of Playstation 4 System) by Whiteboy7thst


  1. ps3 is the only PlayStation console with the curve. the ps4 is now reborn with an upgraded ps2 design.

  2. LMFAO! why would you use "Aerodynamic" with a gaming console. I'm definitely not going to be using it as a Frisbee. 😐

  3. Hey everyone, I need some help here. I don't lean really any way over the other in the PlayStation VS. Xbox debate, but I've been looking for a new game console. I'm not a hard core gamer at all, I just like a few games. Most of the games I like and want to play, Like The Last of Us, are PS3 exclusive. My Xbox recently has been having issues overheating and just not working as it should. No red rings, just simply being weird. Also, Xbox 360 controllers go bad like mad. So, I've been looking at the PS3 Slim. It runs a lot of games I'd love to check out, but I'm not sure if I want to go for that or the PS4. They both have great graphics, but is the PS4 backwards compatible? Is the PS3 Backwards compatible? If the PS4 is, then great, I can run all the PS3 titles I'd like on modern hardware, and if the PS3 is, great, I can run all my old PS2 games on it. I'm just unsure. If the PS4 is not compatible with PS3 games, I'll get a PS3. If the PS4 can't, then I'll get a PS3 Slim. Can anyone give me some input on this? And don't say "Just get an xbox lol". No, I like them and have nothing against them, but the games I'm wanting to play are PS3 exclusives. So it has to be a PlayStation. Also, I'm not nit picky about graphics. So, that I don't care about. The major thing I do worry about is if I buy a PS3, how much longer will games be available for it? I mean, the PS2 had games developed for it for like 11 years. But things have changed and I'm unsure if the PS3 has much longer. 

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