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PS3 Rock Band Guitar?


Can i use this to play guitar hero?!?! does anybody know or tried?

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  1. You can’t use the Rock Band guitar to play with Guitar Hero, sorry. But the good news is, all of the Guitar Hero World Tour instruments and the Rock Band 2 instruments will be compatible so I’m going to buy GHWT and use the instruments, then buy RB2 without the Instruments.

  2. Your’ll be able to use it on the new guitar hero but not the old ones. I’d prefer buying the new Guitar Hero guitar because it seems very promising with its new features. But anyways. New GH = yes

    Old GH = no

  3. no foo! would it kill you to google it? anyways they are not compatible with each other! since they are published from two different publishers! but i did here rockband 2 guitar will be compatible with both it and guitar hero!

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