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PS3 not reading games?


So two days ago I was playing Uncharted 2 and everything was going well. After playing and taking a break to play a downloadable games, I put in a different game and the PS3 did not even acknowledge that a disc was in the console. It will not even show that a PS3 game is in the system. It will still play DVD’s fine however. I decided to reformat the system and set it back to its original settings and it still will not read the discs. I don’t have the money to fork over at the moment that I am assuming Sony will charge if I call them since it is out of warranty. I am thinking about buying a Blu-ray lens cleaner as that is the only thing I can think of and if that doesn’t work I will call Sony. Any suggestions on how this could be fixed or has anyone fixed this problem somehow?

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  1. If it was not a PS2 or PS game don’t even bother reading this.

    The PS3 Slim, the newest version, does not support backwards play, so if your trying to play those, there’s your problem.

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