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PS3 hours of playing?


Is it safe to play ps3 for 2 hours then rest for 5 hours then play for 2 hours again per day?


  1. Yeh thats more than enough time to rest. i think i remember seeing somewhere that you should play for 2 hours then get about 30 minutes break to just get fresh air and be a bit more active.

  2. Yes, it’s completely safe. In every video game manual you read, you’ll notice that they say you should only play for about an hour and take a 15 minute break after every hour of play. But if you’re playing a really good game, it’s easy to make the hours pass by. It’s really up to you to choose how long you play games for and how long of a break you take afterwards before playing again. It won’t hurt your PS3 either. A lot of people say they have overheating issues but that should only happen if you place your console somewhere with poor ventilation, such as inside a TV stand or some type of shelf where the system won’t get good ventilation. Many people also place their consoles on carpeted floors. This is not recommended due to the carpeting blocking the vents on the bottom of the console. This applies for laptop computers too. If you place them on a bed or carpeted floor, expect them to run very hot or overheat altogether. If I’m going to leave my laptop on a bed, I place it on top of a book or just place it upside down so the vents aren’t being blocked.

    Just as long as you place your console on top of a hard surface such as a table or on top of a TV stand, you shouldn’t experience any overheating issues.

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