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ps3 controller got wet?


Where im at today it rained. My ps3 controller got wet. It wasent soaked, the entire thing got a light coat of water on it. I was drying it off and accidently pressed the ps button. It turned on. I turned it off. Then took the back off and dried very very little water inside. I put it back together and I pressed the ps and Wont turn on. So i pluged it in to charge. Is that a good idea? Or should I do something else?( I dont have any rice)

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  1. Simply put it in Sunlight! I mean a dry place or beneath a fan! It will dry quickly and will start working!

  2. lol hayden ps3 is better also PUT IT IN RICE ASAP OR IT WILL NOT WORK you caps vitan use a ps4 controller ps vita or psp as a sub controller until your old one dries out

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