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Project Phoenix – Kickstarter (HD)


Project Phoenix - Kickstarter (HD)

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  1. God this is an epic fail. They intended to have devs working on a royalty basis and they dared ask for money? Hiroaki is a goddamn fraud.

  2. Oh come on! Kickstarter is getting ridicluous.
    With all of those amazing and varied devs who would be pretty rich… why can't you fund it yourself if you really are that passionate about doing a JRPG?
    I'm getting sick of this crap where wealthy devs want us the gamers to foot the bill so they can make the game with our money and then keep all the profits,
    And anyone that thinks this is a good idea to invest in – sadly you're blinded by nostalgia.
    The snes and genesis are long dead unfortunately

  3. It's big talk but none of the j rpgs have been since the golden era able to build a story that rivals things like FF 3(SNES) FF6 or Chrono Trigger.  It's too cheesy and with stupid bitch whiny with wings characters and lame shit like that from Anime.  They need to get darker about the end of the world kind of stuff again. 

  4. แม่เย็ด เมื่อไหร่จะออกสักทีวะเกมส์ เปิดมาทีไรเจอแต่ไอ้ยี่ปุ่นเหี้ยเนี่ย ควบ!!!

  5. When I heard that this project is all about talents I said who is handling music I wish he is Nobuo Uematsu…. I"M GLAD IT IS YOU MAN.. believe it or not I just got my hands on the remake of Final Fantasy X we missed your music !!!!  

  6. I just hope it wont be total shit of dissapointment like many high promised games were 🙂 All these games were grand epic,but will they work together great or not.  Time will show. Lets hope it will be the best game in world 🙂 Ofc if they add these maple story graphics,someone might destroy the world 🙂

  7. WAT THE F**K nOBUO uEMATSU omg im sold, im buying it just because of his music alone, omg i hope this game brings back the old school final fantasy games back and show these young bucks what real rpg games are. this dude alone make some cool music that can help up as, a stand alone music and not just for final fantasy alone. Take my money and keep the change, lol

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