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Problem With conecting my new xbox 360 slim to my computer via media center.Advice needed?


Hi I wonder If any one can help me, I purchased the new xbox 360 slim with built in wifi yesterday. I have set it up and it is working fine and is conected to my wireless router & I can access xbox live and can play on line fine. But my problem is that I wanted to set up the media center extender function so I can stream stuff from my laptop to the xbox. I have tried several time and each time I go in to set up media center on the xbox it gives me a code. I then open up media center on my laptop and go in to the set up media extender option and enter code. Then I get a error message come up saying that my laptop & xbox are not conected to same network and so cant continue. Both my laptop & xbox 360 are 100% defernatly conected to same network. I only have one wireless network in my house. I have a second computer (a desktop computer) I tried again with this computer just to see if it was perhaps a problem with my Laptop. On my desktop it goes further and sets it up. But after setting up when my xbox 360 trys to conect to the desktop computer I get a error message come up on xbox saying network timed out can’t conect. What is the problem, What am I doing wrong and how can I fix it so I can get the media center extender function working on my xbox 360. Is it just me or is any one else having this problem. My laptop is running Windows 7 premium 64bit, My desktop is running Windows Vista 32bit. Any advice would be much appreciated

thanks in advance

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  1. I’ve always found my XBox will not connect unless I’ve opened the Media Center on the computer first.

    Then I minimize it on the computer, but it MUST be opened on the computer for the XBox to find it.

    At least that has been my experience.

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