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PlayStation VR Launch Games breakdown & prices – Is PS VR Worth It?


PlayStation VR Launch Games breakdown & prices - Is PS VR Worth It?

Playstation VR: Details of the Playstation VR for the PS4. A full games list for the Playstation VR, a look at the Playstation VR hardware, price & more! Everything you need to know about the Playstation VR!


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Playstation VR - Full Games List, Price & Hardware! (Playstation VR Details)


  1. I've just paid for the headset I couldn't find a bundle with the move controllers camera and camera stand, I still don't no what games to buy first I'm thinking vr worlds, and either far sight or rigs, what do you think?
    Also where in Holland are you from I used to live there I lived in most places as I worked there and had to move around a lot.

  2. some games are meant for vr and some are not. Uncharted is not meant for VR. how can you make a third person shooter a first person shooter? its just not right

  3. i want the game! and im probably getting The £500 PS VR so i can get the camera and move controlers with the vr worlds.

  4. vr looks great. but will ps vr have a vr app store for experiences like the samsung gear occulus ? and different cinema room modes

  5. you do realize that most of the games aren't showing all of it so most of the games are just to show u what the game is like not the full game

  6. These experiences better be decently long and have value if Im going t pay $50 to $60!! Its not our problem that they have to spend a lot to get good frame rate thats required!!

  7. Most people seem to forget that GT Sports also supports the ps vr. You can play the full game in vr. I think that will be the first full game that uses vr. and it releases 1 month after the vr

  8. You deserve a lot more subs dude 🙂 Btw my brother Prince Asbel has a gaming channel, you should check it out! He's just breaking 2k and he rly works hard on his videos like you

  9. i have to wait longer than 2 months to get it i need to survive 2 plane rides to even get it and then i have to survive one to get home to play it. wtf!

  10. If any of these companies were smart then they would make a VR console that could support 2 or more headsets.
    Just come out with two different bundle packs, one with one headset and another with two headsets.

  11. champ look you know what they did with the touchpad only 5-6 games where there like kilzone shadow fall. i am scared that the same dies nit happen with the playstation VR

  12. My plan is to get this and a new PS4, as this is still cheaper by far than getting a new PC with Vive or OR. The trouble is, there are several videos on youtube stating that the PS4 can't run VR. I really hope it can as I can see there being lots of games that I would play!

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