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PlayStation Network Gifting/ System Activation Pros & Cons?


I am currently trying to “gift” my friend a game on PS3 (he lives states away) and came across some difficulties.

I know it is impossible to directly “gift” items from a PSN account -like on Steam- to a different PSN account. As an alternative, I have tried to log onto his account on my PS3 to buy it so it will be on his account so when he logs in on his console he will have it. However it says cannot buy because 2 systems have the same account activated, so my question is this:

Is there any downside or “cons” for my friend to deactivate his account momentarily? The idea was to have him deactivate his account on his console, i buy it, deactivate it on my console, he activates it then he has it. So, is there any harsh, irreversible consequences to doing this?

Thank you for your time.

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  1. Nothing bad will happen so dont you worry my question is are you going to buy a psn network card because of he doesn’t have money on his account you cannot buy anything what I think you should do is buy a psn card and give him the code there are 2 kinds $20 and $50 cards you buy the one and give him the code through text or psn

    Your welcome!! 🙂

  2. the downside is that you are not allowed to put another persons account on your ps3 , it’s a violation of psn terms to ask for or tell another user your e-mail and password to sign into the account of the other user.

    You could both be banned , it’s not definitely going to happen but it could. Sony won’t know you’re gifting a game , they’ll assume your both game sharing which they definitely ban users for doing.

    You are better off buying enough psn card(s) for the funds needed to buy the game and scratch the card(s) then send the code(s) to your friend , he redeems the code and buys the game , no violation of the psn terms and no ill effects can occur from this scenario. I use this method to gift games to friends , I send them a message on psn with the psn code and say Hi , I want to gift you that game I have and you liked , use this money to buy it and if any is left buy something else you like.

  3. There will be no difficulties.

    What I recommend he does it go to account management on the PS website through this link.

    [url is not allowed].

    If you go to the drop-down menu on “Game” you will be given the option to deactivate all PS3’s. This can be done once every 6 months.

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