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PlayStation 4.5 PRICE, RELEASE DATE! – The Know


Not only can we confirm the PlayStation 4.5 is real, but we can also share its price and release date! You gotta watch the video to get that info though. What do you think we are, stupid?

Kotaku Report: http://kotaku.com/sources-sony-is-working-on-a-ps4-5-1765723053
Digital Foundry Analysis: http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/digitalfoundry-2016-in-theory-playstation-4k-is-real-but-why-is-sony-making-it
IHS 4K Growth Research: http://press.ihs.com/press-release/tv-shipments-decline-even-4k-tv-continues-strong-growth-ihs-says
IHS 4K Penetration (heh) Prediction: http://press.ihs.com/press-release/technology/one-third-us-households-will-have-4k-tvs-2019-ihs-says

Written By: Elyse Willems and Lawrence Sonntag
Hosted By: Adam Kovic, Bruce Greene, and Lawrence Sonntag

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PlayStation 4.5 PRICE, RELEASE DATE! - The Know


  1. after 4.50 update I checked Avatar 3D on PSVR and it was a blast!!! I wanted to try it how it looks and I've finished the whole movie. It's an IMAX in my room.

  2. u must improved ps4 wen play mmorpg game..to much lag wen I play neverwinter. if to many player in dungeuon..ps4 is not totally ready in masiive game

  3. Introducing the Xbox.ps4.pro.oneSx5io stupid right people think ps5 is coming out idk oh wait how about the ps5box.oneSPro or the box5xps5 or the crapps4boxPro.

  4. Lol cuz it's the ps4 pro and it doesn't run in 4K Sadly It's runs in 2080 it doubles yeah I have one and it's not a Big Improvement I hoped I bought the Ps4 Slim It's Way Better Then the Pro when you bye it you'll see the pretty big improvement in the slim but the pro isn't bad so give it a chance if you have a 4k TV Smart 2.0

  5. ps 3 can play blue ray ps4 can't ps4 not backwards compatible xbox one is.didnt Sony create blue ray and now the pro with should be ps4 anyway. starting to piss me off.liking both systems but hate the money tactics.all systems should be backwards compatible no question.if it's one thing that makes gamers mad it's throwing away hard earned games.some of us do work and shouldn't be required to be online to play,no wonder the girls in this country are so stuck up all they do is play games online and when theirs an outages they panic awww boo hoo get a job.anyway it's just frustrating why we can't get a ps4 hdr backwards compatible with 4k streaming the first time so intentional,or a xbox one no 's just done right the first time.ps I love my lg tv and am not buying a Samsung for just games unless I find a rich girl,na don't need one their to cheap and horrible lovers.

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