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playstation 3 connection?


my wired modem has only 1 ethernet output. Can I get some kind of splitter so I can be online while my son plays PS3 online without buying another modem?

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  1. If the “wired modem” you have is literally JUST a modem (i.e. not a router that just happens to have one ethernet port – check the manual) then it supports just one computer or console at any one time. You’ll need to buy a router in order to share the connection.

    The type of router you need depends on the type of internet connection you have. If you have ADSL internet, you’ll need to buy an ADSL router that will replace your existing modem. If you have cable internet (e.g. Virgin Media in the UK) then you need an Ethernet router which will either plug into your existing modem, or into your cable TV box if you have one.

    Once you have your router set up you can have as many machines as you like connected to the internet at once (within reason!), either wired or wirelessly.

    If the “modem” you have is actually already a router, then you just need to buy an Ethernet hub or switch which provides more Ethernet ports to plug into. This will NOT work if it is just a modem, you will need to buy a router as described above.

    To “The Official PlayStation Expert”, that splitter WILL NOT WORK for what is described in the original question. Read the product description.

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