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ONIMUSHA – Evolution


The videos of EVOLUTION, I try to bring a list of all games of a franchise. {ENGLISH}
Os vídeos de EVOLUTION, eu procuro trazer uma lista com todos os jogos da franquia. {PORTUGUÊS}
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List of all games in the vídeo / Lista com todos os jogos no vídeo

1. Onimusha: Warlords (2000)
2. Onimusha 2: Samurai’s Destiny (2001)
3. Onimusha Tactics (2003)
4. Onimusha Blade Warriors (2003)
5. Onimusha 3: Demon’s Siege (2004)
6. Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams (2006)
7. Onimusha Soul (2014)

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ONIMUSHA - Evolution

Nioh / ONIMUSHA + DARK SOULS! - Demo Gameplay


  1. Capcom….do u hear me…??!! I'll give u money for continuing this series…i'm a big fan of Onimusha…Plz..!!!

  2. God how i miss this series the golden age of games. please bring this to PS4 with trophies bring onimisha 1,2,3

  3. I was looking for this fucking game for 5 years now and finnaly found the name 😀
    I played it on PS2 😀
    Im so happy i found out the name 🙂 <3

  4. why would you use a clip from Blade warriors that didn't actually show any onimusha characters?

  5. blade warriors looks tight I want get that game especially I'm huge fan of super smash and it resembles to that. onimusha series is badass

  6. collecting all the souls while still fighting damn I love this game reminds me of my childhood how difficult it was but when I finally beat the boss it was an amzing feeling and probably one of the reasons I live games so much today #RemasterThis

  7. I really like this franchise. According to Wikipedia samurai's destiny was big in Japan, but not in Europe, personally I think it didn't do well over here because they dropped samanosuke without explination. Then they tried to correct themselves with demon seige by adding "more western elements", but it didn't sell very well in the west. I think they tried to appeal to too many people and in the end couldn't figure out what people wanted. I would love to see a reboot, and I loved demon seige, but wasn't sold on the modern day elements that much, it could have been done better. How about one featuring a samurai who crosses over into other areas of history, such as an onimusha medevil knight or an onimusha pirate.

  8. At least capcom would have make Onimusha 5 as soft-reboot take place 92 years after Dawn Of Dream in Salem witchcraft 1692 as new characters, new protagonist (don't worry about switching characters back to forth like we see Onimusha 3 and DoD), new setting it will be an open world game loads to explore, new weapons you can customize, new enemies (gemna returning as main antagonist so is Nobunaga he escape Samanosuke oni gauntlet from druid who use chants to unsealed him). Samanosuke a much elderly will be back as supporting role but he can be playable in some point much like DoD.

  9. That looks so fun. I finally got time to watch this video, and oh gosh, the longer I watch the more fun it looks. If they manage to make it a bit more fluid, it's probably gonna be perfect. Although of course I'd have to play it to judge properly :p

  10. Nerd tip: Geralt's name was made up by the Polish autor of the Witcher, Sapkowski, and follows Polish rules of pronunciation. The accent is on second to last syllable (in this case "ge"), and both G and R are hard.

    (and yes, I know there is an English/Germanic name Gerald. It might've inspired Sapkowski, but nothing more)

    Also, Japanese has literally the easiest pronunciation in the entire world. There is only one way you can read a given syllable. "Ka" is always read "Kah", "To" is always read "toh". (with silent H's of course) Once you get used to most of them you never ever have to wonder how you should pronounce even an unknown word. "Amrita" is pronounced with "a" like in "albatros", "i" like in "ink" and again same "a".

  11. Hmmmm I AM tempted to play this….but I just feel as though I'd be cheating on From Software for some floozy who can do the same thing as the love I already have….you know?

  12. I hate the button layout. I hope the demo will give us something somewhat similar to Souls game button layout.

  13. I'm pretty surprised you haven't put any hyper light drifter up. it seems right up your alley. its kinda like if you combined Fez (that Indy game for the Xbox) and enter the gungeon.

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