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My xbox 360 messses up when I open the disc tray?


The disc tray is hard to open. To open it, i barely tap the side of the xbox right on top of the disc drive. It shoots grey lines that look like zippers across the screen. It then freezes and won’t do anything. I turn it back on, and it shows the red ring of death. I can turn it on later, and it works until I try to put a disc back in. other than sending it in to microsoft, how can I fix this?

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  1. You can’t. Microsoft made the console that if you were to buy a new disc drive, the drive won’t check out with the motherboard, as a way to deter bootlegging, and bootchecks won’t be done correctly. This basically locks out your Xbox and will void your warranty. You have to send it back to Microsoft. Thanks to this lockout however, you can send it back telling them it’s RROD and they have to scrap the internals, giving you a new Xbox.

  2. You have 2 problems actually. The drive itself, and what seems to be a faulty GPU connection. (If it is in fact the 3 red rings after tapping it) If a slight tap is jarring the chip enough to red ring, then you may as well send it back for the red ring and get the replacement Xbox. If that is totally not an option, you can solve most stuck drive problems by cleaning the pulley system in the drive.

    Get the drive to open and unplug the 360. There’s a rubber band right in front, take it out, clean it and the wheels it’s on and put it back in. It’s likely slipping and not pulling hard enough to disengage the magnet on the drive. (Which is what the tapping right on the magnet solves)

    But you’re still a short time away from the final RROD. There are no parts that should be loose enough to freeze the 360 and cause a red ring with a tap. Best of luck to you.

  3. Sounds like you need a new disk drive I don’t know how you would fix this but you should just buy a new one and if this isn’t an option try and find a repair shop to fix it and you can buy a repair kit for xbox on eBay

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