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my xbox 360 has a issue?


this is the first time it has had an issue since i bought it 2 years ago. i turned it on and i see a 1/4th of a red ring, on the bottom right when its layn down, the screen says E 74. What can i do to fix this?

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  1. Mine does that alot nowadays. I usually unplug the adaptor, unplug the harddrive, start it up without the hardrive and pop it in when it eventually gets to the main menu (you might need to turn it on and off a few times before it reaches the main menu again) My husbands xbox has done this twice too and it worked eventually.

    Edit: no its not the ring of death, my first xbox360 had the ring of death and that’s all 4 lights on the front are red.

  2. you need to get a repair on your console. i recommend that you send it to a local shop somewhere by you. google it and it should come uo. it is about half the price 🙂

  3. ahh i had this problem if your avatar on the dashboard has got black lines through it then your motherboard in the console is wrecked. i had to send myne of the other day because of it. it only takes a week NOW for them to send it off and for them to get it back t you.

  4. srry but i thnk yer xbox has the ring of death just send it to xbox to get it fixed and since its been 2 years then your waranty is up so u will have to pay 100 dallars just get the number off of the website then call fo more information

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