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MLB 15 The Show Hitting Tips/Guide – Analog Hitting (MUST WATCH)


Welcome to the third episode of my MLB 101 series. Today we’ll be taking a look at analog hitting, analyzing how the mechanic is programmed, and exploring ways we can use that knowledge to improve our hitting.

Analog Hitting. Swing the Right Stick. And Let it Rip. Simple.

Analog Hitting is very different from how it has been expressed by the developers and even the MLB 15 The Show guide. So watch and learn what analog hitting REALLY is.

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MLB 15: The Show is a Major League Baseball video game developed and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. It is the tenth entry of the MLB: The Show franchise. It was released on March 31, 2015, for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation Vita.

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MLB 15 The Show Hitting Tips/Guide - Analog Hitting (MUST WATCH)

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  1. Correction to the video: Analog and directional hitting does not require you to aim left or right when using analog. Only pure analog requires this. Also, the "contact" swing is actually contact in directional. This is a major reason to use Analog/directional. You can confirm this easily. If a pitch is outside, swing inside (up/left for R, up/right for L). Whether you go straight up, left or right, the contact indicator is where the ball was struck or aimed at and doesn't correspond to where you swung. Also, the type of swing for contact is not lunging/pulling as it is with analog. I've hit quite a few home runs on 0-2, 1-2 counts just using the contact swing with the pitches right down the middle.

  2. I don't understand hitting in this game at all. I've got a player in RTTS and I use analog hitting. Virtually every single time I have good timing and line up my swing with where the pitch is located, my created player dribbles the ball to an infielder or sends a lazy fly ball out to an outfielder for an easy out. What gives? How can I not even manage a few measly singles when my swing is aligned so well with the ball? Extremely frustrating. I feel like there is no way to hit in this game.

  3. are the swing mechanics different on ps4 than ps3? the follow through i mean. i have ps3 and eveytime i see a p4 video the follow thru looks so much more fluid im kinda bummed kuz i didnt see that on the list of features left out of the ps3 game. on the ps3 every swing is the same. on the ps4 the player extends the bat far behind his back. in the ps3 version the bat just goes over his shoulder no arm extension at all

  4. Thanks a bunch for posting this. I've been trying to figure out what is going on with my created player in RTTS and this makes so much sense. Kudos!

  5. Which attributes determine the vertical placement of the PCI? Is it vision, or contact?

    Also, how do pitcher stats impact the game in general? If I have good timing, with the PCI right on top of the ball, is the pitchers ratings determining whether that is a lineout, ground ball or home run? Great video.

  6. I start my stride when the pitcher's arm's are fully extended north and south. That hesitation

  7. you say you better hit the lever and when the ball comes from the left side to give the lever to the left and when he comes to the right to give to the right or is that not English and I'm with the translator to achieve to understand you tell me how to hit because I do not expect much a reply.

  8. Can you please make a video with all the different pitching and explain which one you think is the most effective

  9. Do you recommend this over the other two and also where would you go if the ball is low in the zone?

  10. Wouldn't it be easier and more useful just to use time based hitting only (buttons). Aren't you at a disadvantage if you use anything else?

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