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Madden NFL 17 Review


Madden NFL 17 Review


  1. fifa is obviously better to me because I live in the uk I also support west brom cause its my local team however might start to get into madden and real life NFL, picked an nfl team at random and I'm going to support the bills, the buffalo bills americans now might laugh and say their crap but that's who I'm going to support

  2. Should i buy this or FIFA 17? I have never played Madden before but i would wan't too and i haven't owned a FIFA games in years.

  3. Damn the Madden curse is real Gronk missed the whole season i would not want to be on a madden cover i swear lmaooo

  4. Would somebody who isn't a fan of watching football in person or on tv enjoy this? Looking to expand my horizons in my games.

  5. Game is on sale for 19$ right now. Haven't played madden since 25 but this looks worth my 20 bucks for sure.

    This is why I never buy sports games brand new! There is always an inevitable price cut lol

  6. Even though this game is very very good, I still wish they would have a story mode like NBA 2K17 has.

  7. Love how they did not mention the swerve glitch or the FG glitch or the FB diving for 7 yards glitch or defenders just batting he ball down instead of picking it. Want a honest review it's the same game as madden 16 with less aggressive catches but more glitches that can cost the game

  8. World's worst madden game of all time,sorry,same as madden 13,25,15 and 16,nothing new and exciting at all,really lazy ea sports you're fired which you should be

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