Home Xbox Games Lichdom Battlemage Patch Massively Boosts Frame-Rates!

Lichdom Battlemage Patch Massively Boosts Frame-Rates!


Lichdom Battlemage Patch Massively Boosts Frame-Rates!


  1. Cant wait to try this game out on PS4 Pro on Boost Mode when update 4.5 arrives. it might even run way above 60 fps since it fps is unlocked!

  2. so its fixed but only on Xbox1, you could have mentioned that from the start, thanks for wasting my fucking time.. same problem as Skyrim on ps3 which resulted in me buying a 360 for that game alone, knew i should have gone with an Xbox1, looks like i've got some saving up to do, fml..

  3. #DigitalFoundry. Thank you for this review. I love First Person and one with magic to boot sounded pretty awesome. Then I read other reviews (your prior included) and even as the price dipped below $10, I found myself weighing quasi-playability vs headache due to tearing and FPS. Then I read about the update for XBONE. And then watched your review/video… the game is visually bearable now and looks fun. Grabbing a copy now. Thanks for the re-review.

  4. I love developers who listeb to the fand of the game and are constantly trying to fix the game

  5. I saw it right there, you're playing this game on the SNES next to your TV.

    SNES > P$4One Confirmed!

  6. You still have to drop that "anywayS" sometimes, John ;P. And you had such a nice strek of standard one…

  7. That's good to hear. Games I like, and I liked this one, I usually eventually purchase for both my PC and PS4. I held off getting this title on the PS4 because even on Gamefly EVERYONE was complaining about the performance and I have NEVER seen that in my 5 years of using Gamefly. Might get this for the Xbox One though instead of PS4.

  8. Back when they showed lichdom, the first test, is when I stopped watching this channel, I tried to reference it later but couldn't remember the channel name….

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