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Is there really a ps3 laptop and how much is it, also does it still have all the features as the ps3?



  1. Yes, There was one. but it was not created by Sony or any affiliate of Sony. It was created by Ben Heck (person famous for creating “laptop” versions of home consoles like the Xbox 360 and ps3) and was made on his leisure time, he eventually sold it on eBay and the money was donated to a charity organization. If you are interested in reading about it go here. I believe the Sony laptop made by Ben Heck does have most if not all of the features of the Playstation 3. It’s not made by Sony though and this was likely a one-shot deal for Ben Heck. So, with all likelihood, Sony will likely never release a laptop version of the Ps3, and if they did, it would cost a small fortune. Sorry, Sony has not and likely will never create a laptop version of the Playstation 3. But if you are good at modding or can find someone who is, you may be able to create it based off this :

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    These are for more info on it.

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  2. No, it may be that someone has cannibalised their PS3 and laptop, and made one, but other than that, they do not exist:)

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