Home Xbox Forum Is there anyway to get free Xbox Live Gold in 2013?

Is there anyway to get free Xbox Live Gold in 2013?


I don’t need it for my account but I need it for my friend who comes over almost every other weekend so I think it would be pointless to buy 1 month card when I’m only going to use 4-6 days out of the whole month. Also when answering please don’t provide a site that includes a generator for Xbox Live or surveys to unlock codes because from doing surveys and downloading generators for the past 2 years I’ve had 3 PC Viruses and all the time the surveys don’t work after I complete them. Thanks.


  1. Make him buy his own damn Gold subscription.

    He/she can still use their Gold subscription if they are signed in on your console. Tell them to put their profile on a flash drive and they can use it on your console.

  2. I know of a website that your friend can use to get free xbox live codes emailed right to him. NO, this isn’t a fake generator type of thing or a website where you have to “Unlock Codes” by doing a survey.

    THOSE types of website are all FAKE, all they do is either harm your computer or help someone else make money off of you.

    This website below is actually reealllllyyy easy to use and surveys are very straight forward to complete. Just check out the website for yourself, there are many people who have used it to get free xbox live codes.

  3. yes, have someone else pay for it

    and of course all the generator/survey sites are fake cause there is no such thing as 100% free XBL.anybody who’s even remotely into gaming on 360 knows that.

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