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Is there a way i can plug my wired xbox 360 controller into my computer and use it to play roms?



  1. Yes you can. You need to go here [url is not allowed]. and download the required drivers for it. You also may need a controller mapping program like XPadder.

  2. Actually, you can!!

    One of the main selling points for the Xbox 360 controllers was that you could be able to use it to play games on any Windows system (as well as Macs)! Residual sales or something I guess.

    If it’s a wired controller, all you have to do is download and install the driver for your computer first, though there are reports that if you have Vista it should get the driver for you. If you need one, CNET has one here:

    [url is not allowed];pop

    If you have a wireless one, there is a USB dongle/adapter you have to get (it looks like one you’d find for a wireless mouse) and that will allow you to connect it to your computer, same driver for that too.

    Hope it helped

    – Nick G.

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