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Is the PS3 worth the buy?


I am questioning on if I should buy a ps3 i have had a ps2 and ps1 so i am used to the playstations. but is xbox 360 or is the ps3 great also?

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  1. no the ps3 is not worth the money

    xbox 360 is better than gaystation

    don’t get a crappy gaystation

  2. same here i had the PSone, the PS2

    i gotta say i went with the XBOX 360 and its soo much better than the PS3, its suprisingly easy to switch from PS controller to xbox aswell

  3. yes.

    the PS3 is starting its push to go beyond the 360. the system can be a bit pricy, but at least you wont have to worry about buying a crap ton of extra stuff that already comes with your console. if you go 360 you could end up paying close to 600.00 before its all said and done, and thats not even counting the games.

    if you get the 80 gig you can keep your older PS2 and PS1 libary. the 40 gig can play PS1 but not PS2 games. and you will usher yourelf into the hd age. the gamer libary for PS3 isnt as large as the 360’s but the 360 has been out for a full year over the PS3, and most of it’s library are PS2 ports anyway.

    plus the 360 will be replaced by microsoft’s new xbox in less than 2 years, roughly in 2010. which means after buying a 400.00 machine, you’ll buy a 5-600.00 machine with no games and probably little to no backwards compatibility. the PS3 is set through at least 2012.

    if i were you i would visit both Playstation.com and xbox.com and see which features you’ll enjoy more. or you can e-mail me and i’ll talk you through it. that way you can make an informed decision on which direction to go.

  4. Its all a matter of opinion really.

    Xbox 360 has a much larger user base and a more established online service, as well has having lots of games for it. However unless you get a brand new console your likely to suffer a RROL someday.

    PS3 is a fantastic multimedia machine: BluRay built in, removable hard drive and lots of usb ports for transfer. Although grade ‘A’ exclusive games are few and far between on the PS3 (MGS 4 being one exception)

    In the end its really depends on what you want. Is changng controls really a big deal?

  5. The PS3 is better than the xbox360. The free on line game play is great. Built in Bluray player, how can you beat that.

  6. Yes it is. I did some digging and found a great one thats cheap. Comes with a game too!

    [url is not allowed]

  7. if you are going to play online and you want to save money in the long run, go ps3. that’s what i did because i needed wi-fi which is built in on the ps3 and a $100 accessory for the 360. that already made the 360 more expensive than the ps3. and then $50 for online play on the 360 and free for the ps3. i chose the ps3 because i would ultimately be saving money.

  8. It is all about what games you like. I myself also have the ps1 and ps2 but I also have the xbox and xbox 360. I plan on purchasing a ps3 when they become affordable. I myself would purchase a 360 first and then a ps3 later when they drop down in price. There is just a much better choice of games for the 360 presently. Plus the 360 has a much better multiplayer xbox live system then the ps3 currently has.I hope this helps!

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