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Is it worth saving $200 to buy my son an XBox 360 over the PS3?


Would really like to buy my son the PS3 for Christmas as he already has many PS2 games, however, the price is astronomical and would take away from the Christmas budget and anything else we’d like to get for him. He still believes in Santa, so we don’t want him to wake up to one gift under the tree (we all know kids don’t see dollar signs.) If XBox 360 is comparable in quality I may get it anyway, and we’ll always have the PS2 if he wants to play those games. Any suggestions?

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  1. yes xbox 360’s are much better then ps3’s i had a playstation 2 before my xbox and also they have a better selection of games and a better online system.

  2. To be honest it depends on what games he will be playing. For your money, you can buy an Xbox 360 for $199, plus about $70 for a hard drive (To save games) OR spend the extra 100 bucks to buy the PRO bundle (The one in the white box) which has 2 games and has 60 GB Hard Drive. The PS3 has good games, but the 360 has better support, and games in my opinion.

  3. I think the amount of money you pay more goes towards the Blu-Ray DVD player, which to be honest, nobody needs!

    Yeah, Xbox does have some amazing games that the PS3 wont have, and if your looking for online play, Xbox Live is the place to be.

    Hope this helps


  4. Xbox360 has GREAT games the ps3 will never have. It is a top quality console for the price. I promise your son will be happy like no other when he opens it and gets halo 3. Which is a great game also, I could suggest others but would need to know his age, I guess hes young he still believes in santa, cute!

    Hes going to love you forever!

  5. Good Morning Laureate,

    The PS2 was a good piece of kit baCC in the day. The PS3 to be honest hasn’t proven much pluses to purchase it’s still rather pricey, games are still rather limited. In fact since the CELL processor in the PS3 is being used in today’s supercomputers, many universities have purchased the PS3 to serve as a cluster. That’s really to be honest is only what makes the PS3 In My opinion something worthwhile to purchase.

    The XBOX360 is a great piece of kit, there is a vast array of games to select from, and some that are being constantly played. I’d like to point out the point of getting an Xbox360 is because of the LIVE feature. Xbox live, is where you go online and play other people online with similar games and raCC up gamerscores.

    There shouldn’t be any type of games to disappoint your son, Also you don’t really need to get THE latest Xbox360, to thoroughly enjoy it. The whole reason why Xbox trumps the PS3 is because you go online and play the same game with hundreds upon hundred of people.

    hope that helps.

  6. i suggest you buy your son an xbox 360 and use those $200 to buy him something else or a few more games :]

    i would not trade my 360 for a ps3.

    good luck.

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