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is it work paying 300 bucks for an xbox (250 gb) when you could get an xbox/kinect bundle (4gb) for $250?


how much memory do you need. especially when you get an additional 8gb of cloud storage.

so what one would you get?

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  1. best to buy the 360 with kinect then get hard drive for extra 50 bux because 4GB doesn’t go far with xbox 360

  2. here you can get a 250 gb for 280 with 2 games so i think this is what you should do [url is not allowed].

  3. if you plan on buying a lot of 360 games, then go ahead and get the bigger hard drive. you’ll need it. 12 gb total isn’t all that much, especially if you plan on installing games to your hard drive. if it’s just for game saves, then it’s plenty. it’s only when you start to download expansion packs or buy full games that it become full really fast.

    there aren’t too many kinect games worth getting unless you really like short, fast paced party games or you’re using it for exercising.

  4. It’s really up to personal preference. If you want to get physical and play games that support Kinect, then get the Kinect bundle. If you’re going to download alot of Downloadable Content (DLC), movies, music, games, demos, etc. then get the 250GB console.

    If you want both it is probably cheaper buying the Kinect bundle and then purchasing the 250GB (internal) Xbox hard drive

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