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Is 2.58 mbps upload speed good for playing games online on Xbox 360?


When I do network speed tests, or check the network statistics on my Xbox, it says upload speed: 2.58 Mbps

Download speed: 10.33 Mbps

Wifi speed: 65 Mbps

Latency: 95 ms

And the upload and download speeds change, but the upload speed never goes higher than around 2.79 Mbps, and the download speed is usually 9.55 mbps. And the latency is usually 94 ms, but I’m not sure if the fact that I live in Pennsylvania has any effect on the latency, because I’ve heard that the further you live from the Microsoft servers, the higher the latency is. So is this good for online gaming? Because lately my Xbox has been going really slow to sign into Xbox live, and I’ve been getting disconnected every so often when I’m playing games such as GTA 5, or it’ll have trouble connecting me to sessions in gta or Halo.

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  1. Upload speed doesn’t make any difference to online gaming, it’s more important for streaming.

  2. What your mistake is is that you’re looking at the upload speed rather than the download speed. Your download speed is 10 mbps, and that is satisfactory to play online multiplayer.

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