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Internet on a Playstation 3?


OK.so i was thinking about gitting a playstation 3.But first i hade a few questions.

can i get on the internet with it? If so. how?

would i have to buy anything extra to do so?

What all can you do on the internet with a PS3?

I have Time Warner Cable Internet.

What are GBS for in playstation 3’s? what are they for? the ps2 dident have any ram memory.

I am mainly just intrested in playing GTA 4. online and stuff.and checking email.surfing web

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  1. Surfing the net on the PS3 kind of sucks. They have their own browser and it is worse than IE. However, you can do anything on the internet with the PS3 that you can do with anything else. It does have wireless as stated, but you will probably be happier with a wired connection. Just connect your ethernet cable from your modem/router.

  2. it will have an internet already, u dont have to buy it.

    nothing, just buy it and hook it up and then play and do internet stuff.

    i dont use internet to get on, just use it to get online on the game.

  3. We got the PS3 last year. I love it. Yes you can get online as long as you have wireless internet service. I think that’s all you need. It’s also a Blu Ray player, so definitely get it. It’s so worth it. You can watch Netflix movies on it as well, if you’re a Netflix subscriber.

    Note: my sister also has one and since she does not have internet service, she is unable to get online. So I’m pretty sure you either need to have service or “borrow” someone else’s.

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