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intensafire vs homemade xbox 360 rapidfire?


Hello im thinking of buying a rapid fire mod for cod black ops and b4 i get the ill own u no mods * i dont give a * i have a broken bone in my finger and con not hit that button fastenuff

i can solder i can wire hell iv even got switch’s laying around to make homemade but what would be best >and less likely to get banned< [url is not allowed] or a homebrew 1 that if any 1 does think homemades better explain to me were to put wires dont trust youtube much

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  1. Definately get the intensafire. I got it a few weeks ago and it is amazing. It says to use mode 3 for Black Ops but I think that mode 4 shoots faster. The reason you shouldn’t get a homemade one is because they only have one speed which is really fast and in Black Ops if the mod shoots too fast then you stop shooting for 1 second. And that’s every time the modded controller shoots over the limit. So get the intensafire. But be careful the intensafire is pretty difficult to install if your new to soldering

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