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Im Not Sure Which One To Get PSP or PS3?



i need help actually.

should i get ps3 or psp the thing is

i am not sure which is more fun.

my bro has a Xbox 360 and he says that most of the games on the Xbox 360 they also have it on PS3 so if that’s the case then is it better to get a psp?

Thank You for reading and please try to help my problem i would really appreciate it if you could help me

thanks alot

i need help and advice please help if possible.


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  1. I have a PSP and it’s awesome, I love it, but if you want to save money then get PSP, if you have money, then get the PS3, heck if you have alot of money, get both. You can use the PSP as like a remote control for PS3 also.

  2. I think if you are wanting to save some money. you can purchase the PSP they are pretty cool, you will save money, and besides that Xbox 360 is better in my opinion, not only in graphics but in price, go get a PSP.

  3. depends on how much you want to spend. PS3 is twice the price of a PSP. but if you want to take your game everywhere, then, just get a PSP. but if you want to play at home, then get the PS3.

  4. i would say a ps3

    they are both basically the same except for more detailed features

    ps3 has integrated memory with more space than a psp and you can put more stuff on it instead of buying a memory card for the psp

    ps3 has blu ray

    it can play more video files than the psp

    sure the psp is portable and you can take it everywhere

    but the ps3 will offer more with games

    i have nothing against the psp i have both consoles

    but i find the ps3 more interesting because it is more interacting

    PlayStation home on the ps3 is something that will be interesting to go about. the psp is great bu the ps3 offers more:

    -hd quality

    -games with fun multiplayer

    -more memory

    -web browser is better (ps3 has flashplayer allowing it to play videos on youtube and whatnot)

    -the dual shock three wireless controllers makes it fun to play

    the psp is good and all but i find the ps3 to be better

    i mean the ps3 adapted its menu from the ps3 and that’s maybe closest to what they have in common because the ps3 has more things to do on it.

    here look on Wikipedia and see which one you would rather choose

    i say ps3 but its Ur choice to make

  5. PS3 has the best graphics out there. Get it first and Get the PSP second, if you have left-over money( For remote Play)

  6. I would probably get a PSP 1.It has internet WIFI 2.Mobile Games Like when your at the subway and have nothing to do 3.Use it as a Camera, Video Camera, MP3 Player etc. And all you can do with PS3 Is sit in living room, Your Room, Bath room and play games! Acuali It depends if your on the go allot or not! On the Go PSP_If Not PS3 =) Hope this helps

  7. ps3 has better graphics obvisously and there are some games on the ps3 and 360, but the ps3 has a lot of good exclusives (resistance 2, little big planet, metal gear solid 4, ect). Its really fun too. The psp is pretty good. It has games like Resistance: retribution (not out yet), final fantasy 7 crisis core, and kingdom hearts birth by sleep + final fantasy 13 agito ( not out yet). Their both great systems, but it all comes down to how much money you want to spend. If you have enough, buy the ps3, if not, buy the psp.

  8. NO WAY!

    take my advise go and buy your self a PS3!

    you wil have hours of entertainment i did have a psp and a ps3 but i never went on my psp because the ps3 made it boring that’s how good the ps3 is!

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