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If your bf breaks his ps3 game.?


My bf broke one of his ps3 games (he lost & got pissed-i know, really stupid so spare me) but I know it was his favorite cause he played it the most so. should i get him the same game as a bday present or does that mean he doesnt want it? I dont understand this so guys, maybe u can explain? would u want the game or did u break it for a reason?

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  1. tell him to grow up some balls abnd leave the ps3 alone and care more about you and himself, tell him to get a life before 2012

  2. Ive only broke 2 games in my life and then immediately wanted them back ,I guess it depends on him.I say buy a new game just to be on the safe side 😛

  3. I’m a girl. But i play xbox.

    Ask yourself the question.

    If you got mad at something then broke it would you want it back? uh i think not.

    Maybe later in time but idk why not ask him.

    Or get him a different game he would enjoy not one that would piss him off.

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