Home Xbox Forum I was baned from Xbox Live for no reason?

I was baned from Xbox Live for no reason?


I just got banned from Xbox Live while playing Modern Warfare 2 with my friends. I wasn’t doing anything, though. Everybody in the game was like screaming and stuff, so I was trying to tell them to settle down, then all of a sudden got banned. Where can I check my ban information and stuff?
It disconnected me from Xbox Live and when I try to reconnect, it says that I’m suspended until Sunday.

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  1. you were prob just booted. usually the only way to get ‘banned’ from xbox live is to mod. Just go back into matchmaking and hope you get a better group.

  2. You should go post on the Xbox Forums, right here.

    [url is not allowed].

    Make a thread, and someone will tell you why you were banned.

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