Home Playstation Forum How much would ps3 60gb never used in box would be worth?

How much would ps3 60gb never used in box would be worth?


Ok I want to sell 60gb ps3 (CECHA01, working(which is rare)) and it has never been played still factory sealed I have another ps3 60gb that I play and am not gonna sell, but I’ve seen people selling these types of ps3’s for CRAZY prices on ebay (I saw one for OVER 3,000!) please answer in United States dollars.

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  1. a lot of those people who have got a brand new 60gb ps3 for sale at over $800 are just being greedy and they hope that a someone with no brain cells will buy it

    in the real world they arnt worth that much, due to each time a new ps3 console gets released the price of the older consoles go down so really you should be looking at around $300-$400 for your ps3 but to the right buyer who is after an older ps3 to jailbreak he might be willing to pay more for it,,

  2. its worth what someone will pay for it , they might ask a lot for the old consoles but that’s not always what the get , realistically I’d pay no more than $700 if its never been opened and I wanted one but someone might pay more but the website that tracks prices of games and consoles says the average price paid for a 60 gig console online when they look at all websites and the selling price is now $650.

    You can ask for more if you think you can get it but the only reason anyone would need that model is to play ps2 games which are now becoming available on psn that all of the models can play making it less desirable as they were a few years ago.

    this website uses data from several websites and only uses the price the items sell for ( not asking prices ) , then the prices get averaged and they post the value as of today ( prices get changed daily )

    I’ll give you the link



    It’s not as rare as you probably think , sony sold 2 million ofn that model before it was taken out of production so there are a lot out there , not that many unopened but a lot and the prices of used ones range from $75 to $175 usually depending on the condition of the console

    I have one at home in the box too , and I paid about the same as the price guide shows when I got mine a few years ago

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