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How much would a xbox + xbox live cost?



  1. regular live doesn’t cost, Xbox Live gold is roughly $50 a year.

    They have other plans, i went with the month to month deal, Like $10 a month, for now.

  2. Assuming you live in the UK, you can get an xbox arcade for as cheap as £130 with games and extra controllers in some deals, and xbox live is nearly always £40 a year. However i recommend saving and getting the Premium at least, as it contains things like the headset and hard drive that you will need to buy anyway but will be more expensive separate. So all in all expect around £180-200 for a premium with xbox live.

  3. An Xbox arcade is $199, not $139. The arcade is fine to play the games, but it has no hard drive to save the games on. So, assuming that you want to save your progress on the games you play, you will need the Xbox Elite. The Elite is $299, but comes with two games (Lego Batman and Pure, currently). A 12 month Xbox Live membership is regularly priced at $49.99, but sometimes they run special deals. I bought a card for a 12 month membership on Amazon for $40. The Xbox elite includes the headset and a 15 foot ethernet cable, but if you want to do a wireless connection, you’ll have to buy a wireless adapter from Xbox for an additional $99. So, as you can see, the costs vary depending upon the options you choose and they add up quickly.

  4. Well it depends on how much you want to spend an xbox arcade is 139.99 and for live you need an eithernet cord which is 15-25 dollars and you get a free month when you sign up but if you want something good go for pro 199.99 or a elite 299.99 when u sign up add me PRSNLHITMAN360

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  6. Xbox360 would be about £100-150.

    Xbox LIVE is £5 a month.

    EDIT: Memory hard drive (20GB) would be around £40. You can get cheaper versions with less space but then you’d have to keep buying.

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