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How much will I get for trading in a PS2 that needs to be refurbished?


I have had this PS2 for 5 years and it stopped reading discs. I was thinking about trading it into Gamestop, and get maybe another one or something else. I was wondering how much I would get if I traded it in, and maybe two or three other games.

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  1. Games vary by title, but most PS2 games trade for very low values now. As for a console, they sell working, guaranteed for 30-days PS2 machines for like $30, so your not-working PS2 will fetch much less of course – and possibly won’t be accepted at all because it does need repair. On eBay, used PS2’s fetch about $10 when sold for parts or repair. Be sure to know the proper shipping cost to charge if you go that route.

  2. if your lucky 20 to 30 bucks. Gamestop are a bunch of cheap *. I went to go sell my perfect condition ps3 80 gigs and they were gunna buy it for 100 bucks. You look on the shelf and they are selling used ps3’s for 300 lol.

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