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How long and how often does my xbox 360 need to rest?


When I play my xbox 360 it gets kinda hot. I know its not a problem with “my” 360 because 2 of my friends have 360s and they get just as hot. My question is how long does my 360 need to rest? How often? I am asking this because its summer so schools out and I have 2 brothers that also play it so I don’t want it to overheat.

p.s. It is a 2006 model if that helps.

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  1. It gets really really hot but it cant over heat so it really doesnt need to rest even the older versions you can leave them on all day and it wont over heat. you can do that even with a ps2

  2. Hey. You can actually jam all night on that sucker until the wee morning lights and still the Xbox will out last you. That is provided you meet certain criteria. #1). Drink lots of jolt. #2). Take a pee break every couple of hours and while you at it do some knee squats and some flexing. #3) Foremost on this top three list is to make sure that little baby known as your Xbox360 has air circulating under, over and around it. This i cannot over emphasize. There must be no heat sources around or even near the 360, get your self a small table fan, something in the nine inch range would be fine and have it on high blowing approximately 12 to 20 inches from your Xbox and have it aimed at the 360, not at you sweaty brow. While i am at it all night gaming sessions are cool but a good nights rest and exercise the following day is even better, do stuff, just don’t set around and become a couch potato, what you do to your body now is what you have to live with for a long time, both physically and in habits, good or bad. Man now i sound like a parent, heck I’m only 49 years old!!. Sigh.oh well, Game on my young apprentice. Come Tonto, HI HO SILVER.AWAY!!.

  3. It needs a cooler. and you need to get outside and get some fresh air and exercise. Your pale and blurry eyed.

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